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Shenzhen Airlines will join Star Alliance
Introduce logojets for the 26th Summer Universiade
Shenzhen Airlines accepted as future star alliance member carrier
Instructions for Passengers Traveling with Lithium Batteries
Three new "City Express" Opened
China’s first aviation • tourism low carbon compensation schemes officially launched
Shenzhen Airlines and Air China Open "City Express" Beijing-Shenzhen since April 8
Shenzhen Airlines launched special ticket products
Shenzhen Airlines firstly adopt the Home-made seat
Air China and Shenzhen Airlines officially open the flight searching function in web site
Shenzhen Airlines Listed Among Asia's 500 Most Influential Brands
The first Mainland-Taiwan direct flight started by Shenzhen Airlines
The brand value increases
The company took a number of oil-saving measures
Chinese born Airbus joins Shenzhen Airlines