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    I. Culture Totem: Roc
    Once the Roc rises with the wind, it will soar light in the sky.
    II. Core Ideology
    1. Mission
    We are aspired to become the most welcome and valuable airlines in the world, promote the national aviation industry to be the world’s preferred choice.
    We have the mission to become one of the most welcome and valuable airlines in the world by all-round innovation and persistent improvement;
    As a member of China civil aviation industry, we have the mission to make effort to boost the development of the whole national aviation industry and keep China aviation as a pioneer in the world.
    2. Vision
    Pioneering the unique airlines
    We will display our personality by uniqueness and aim to become a pioneer and leader of global unique airlines.
    3. Spirits (five words)
    Striving: market competition requires striving
    Zest: everlasting enterprise requires zest
    Ambition: constant development requires ambition
    Innovation: uniqueness pursuit requires innovation
    Responsibility: enterprise operation requires responsibility
    4. Valuation
    We propose to boost constant advancement by continuous improvement. And we believe: no best, but better.
    Teamwork is the guarantee for our continuous improvement, is the basic element of Shenzhen Airlines and is the footstone to unite our employees and boost continuous development.
    Respecting employees, respecting customers and respecting social public is the dynamic source for continuous improvement of Shenzhen Airlines. Our harmonious development needs recognition, trust and support from all circles.
    III. Management Principles
    1. Market Principle: Quality for today means market for tomorrow
    2. Strategy Principle: Not for No. 1, but for Uniqueness
    3. Service Principle: Feel easy and considerate at anytime with Shenzhen Airlines
    4. Safety Principle: We pursue everlasting safety and treat everything as a new starting point
    IV: Management Principles
    2. Organization principle CREDIBILITY AND COOPERATION PRACTICALITY and efficiency
    3. Teamwork principle Cooperate and share Respect individuality
    4. Communication principle “3 non” (see illustrations)
    5. Virtues for talents
    Wisdom: stand high and see far, continue to renovate
    Trustworthiness: keep promise and take responsibility
    Humanity: be severe with oneself and lenient towards others
    Bravery: be fearless and wordless of failure
    6. Performance principle Encourage good performance and appreciate capability
    Performance says: make one who has good performances to be Shenzhen Airlines’ pride.
    Ability proves: makes the able man outstanding.
    7. Study principle Innovation originates in study
    Study is the source of innovation; we encourage the Many-sided Pervasion study from customers, competitors and colleagues.
    V: Shenzhen Airline s’ Image
    1. Corporate image
    Share with staff: The corporation loved by staff
    Experience with customers: The corporation praised by customers
    Progress with the society: The corporation trusted by the society
    2. staff image
    Responsibility: to do good to keep promise,
    Enthusiasm: to do good from heart
    Capability: to do good to be professional
    Character: to do good to be nice
    3. our style:
    To set an example for others and carry out efficiently.
    4. Logo:
    Feel easy and considerate at anytime with Shenzhen Airlines.