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    Shenzhen Airlines Co., Ltd was founded in November 1992 and started operations on September 17 of the following year. With Air China and Shenzhen International Total Logistics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd as its major shareholders, Shenzhen Airlines focuses on business of passenger, cargo and mail transportation. By the end of 2015, Shenzhen Airlines owns a fleet of more than 170 passenger aircraft which consists of Boeing 737s, Airbus 320s and 319s, which are flying on more than 200 domestic and international routes.

    Shenzhen Airlines has been cultivating scientific and efficient safety management culture, in accordance with the principles of "Safety First, Prevention Oriented, and Comprehensive Control". Its systematic prevention capability has been continually enhanced. Its responsibility system is strictly implemented. Shenzhen Airlines is striving to improve risk-management to ensure the overall reliability of its safety chain, so as to provide safe and trustworthy flight services to all passengers.

    While safety treated as cornerstone, Shenzhen Airlines is developing its brand through customer service. It is developing its outstanding brand by continuously improving service quality. By sparing no effort in building several sub-brands such as "Shenzhen Air Girls", “Cool Kids Flyer Club” and “Best Deals Day Online”, and perfecting the service system of “Phoenix Miles” and “Shenzhen Air Online Club” for the benefit of clients, it is trying to provide excellent service when the passenger sets out a journey, and also VIP member treatment such as rest in VIP lounge, free parking and “Tourist Season” product. In addition, Shenzhen Airlines also provides a growing number of featured products, for instance, "Flight via Shenzhen", "City Express Line", “Boarding Card Favorable Price” and “Collection Service”, which enable passengers to get the most convenient and comfortable travel experiences easily.

    Established in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen Airlines is deeply rooted in Shenzhen, constructing "air corridors" to facilitate the city’s international trade and cultural exchanges. Having joined Star Alliance formally in November 2012, it has assimilated into international aviation market, commencing with its internationalization with a brand-new image. Apart from its own development, Shenzhen Airlines voluntarily engages its social responsibility and serves the community with gratitude. Thus the company is widely regarded as a "Shining Name Card of Shenzhen".

    According to Shenzhen Airlines’ development blueprint, it will expand its fleet to 230 passenger aircrafts and introduce wide-body aircraft by the end of its 13th Five-year Plan. The company will forge itself into a well-known national carrier with its independent brand among competitors in Asia-Pacific region. In future, its service network will extend across Asia and other continents.

    "The obstacles before us are to be challenge, but we take them as opportunities as well and ready to conquer them all from now on." Shenzhen Airlines will follow scientific approach on development and be pioneer of scientific development, and dedicate to helping China develop into a global leading aviation nation.