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    Logo is the visual symbol of image and culture of a corporation, which expresses the spirit and cohesion of the corporation “National Roc” is the new logo for Shenzhen Airlines

  Roc (Peng), a divine bird, its wings stretch as if they are huge clouds
   drifting as far as the horizon
   Its physique and manner look exactly like the hieroglyph

   “National Roc”
   is the totem aggregating the traditional and modern Chinese cultures
   The design is harmonious and the colors of red and gold are gloriously lined
   with one on the other, agglomerating the soul of the oriental culture
   Tallness and straightness, fullness of vitality, are the reflection of
   progress and prompt response
   The design and sculpt seem strong, vigorous and act with great aplomb,
   implying the great foresight, broadness in the heart and the firm roots,
   representing the aplomb, trustworthiness and progress
   representing the aplomb, trustworthiness and progress of Shenzhen Airlines,
   to reach the strategic goal of domestic and international development
   New corporate image will promise Shenzhen Airlines steady development