China’s first aviation • tourism low carbon compensation schemes officially launched

"Fall in love with the Earth", the first aviation • tourism low carbon compensation schemes co-organized by Shenzhen Airlines and OCT East officially launched at OCT East heroes Valley in March 28, next day of "Earth Hour" event. This is the first time airlines and travel companies joint organized the low-carbon theme event. As an important criterion, the two enterprises promised to launch a series of environmental protection activities in the future and appeal colleagues and clients practicing the green low-carbon life. On the launch ceremony, the representatives of Shenzhen Airlines frequent flyer exchange some small tree with their accumulated points and donated to the event committee, planting the first "carbon offset forest" with journalists in the OCT East.

March 28, 2010, LIU Hang (right), the Vice President of Shenzhen Airlines and ZENG Hui, the general manager of the OCT East have signed the "carbon offsets" framework agreement.