Service for Abnormal Flights

Information Disclosure

When the flight schedule is changed, canceled or the voyage is changed, we will inform you timely of the relevant information. If your ticket was booked from agent or travel agency, we shall tell the agent or travel agency to pass on the relevant information to you.

In case that we are unable to inform you in advance due to temporary change, we shall inform you of the relevant information after you arriving at airport via airport announcement, bulletin boards or other ways. The updated information of your flight shall be subject to the information published by the personnel at the departure gate of your flight.

Re-issuance Service

If the flight delay time is too long or the flight is canceled for any reason of Shenzhen Airlines (engineering maintenance, flight schedule, transportation service, flight crew), we shall arrange you to the subsequent flights as far as possible, or arrange you to take any other means of transportation to your destination.

For any flight delay or cancellation not for the reasons of Shenzhen Airlines (weather, emergency, air traffic control, security check and any passenger, etc.), we shall assist you in re-issuing a subsequent flight, with the price difference borne by yourself.

If you give up your trip and want to refund your ticket, our personnel will actively handle the procedure for you.


If the flight is delayed or canceled at the origin for any reason of Shenzhen Airlines (including maintenance, flight allocation, business, crew, etc.), and the flight delay time exceeds 2 hours and is during the meal time, we will provide you with free catering service; if the delay time exceeds 4 hours, we will arrange for your stay and rest without any charge based on the actual requirements. If the flight is delayed or canceled at the origin not for reasons of Shenzhen Airlines (including weather, emergency, air traffic control, etc.), we will assist you in solving your meals and accommodation requirements, with all the expenses borne by yourself.

If the flight is delayed or canceled at any stopover site, or the flight experienced a diversion, we will provide you with meals or accommodation service.

When the flight departure is delayed or canceled, we will first provide services to passengers needing special care, including the disabled, elder, Pregnant Passenger, and companied children, etc.

Compensation Service for Abnormal Flights

f the flight is delayed for four reasons of Shenzhen Airlines (i.e. engineering maintenance, flight schedule, transportation service, and flight crew), we provide economic compensation to passengers based on the actual situation like flight delay time. For the flight delayed over 4 hours (including) and less than 8 hours, we shall compensate its passengers with RMB 200 or equivalent points; for the flight delayed over 8 hours (including), we shall compensate its passengers with RMB 400 or equivalent points.

As the flight delay is always caused by the combination of several reasons, the delay compensations we offer shall be subject to the accumulating times of delay caused by Shenzhen Airlines.

Code-shared Flights

Code-shared flight is a kind of service that Shenzhen Airlines provide passengers with more flight and schedule options.

When a passenger purchased a ticket of Shenzhen Airlines, but actually took a flight of another airlines sharing the code with Shenzhen Airlines, the passenger shall enjoy the same ticket changing, re-issuing, refunding services with those taking flights of Shenzhen Airlines; while the ground services, cabin services, flight delay services, compensation service for abnormal flight, etc. enjoyed by the passenger would be provided by the airlines sharing code with Shenzhen Airlines.

Useful Suggestions

After you getting to know the information on flight change, please wait further information in a designated area, or find the staff to handle the relevant matters. For flights with the expected delay time being informed, the delay time may be shortened after eliminating the factor(s) giving rise to flight delay. Therefore, please pay close attention to the broadcast and other notification channels for fear that your schedule might be postponed.