Overbooking Notification

I. Definition

Overbooking: refers to the sales exceeding the flight's maximum allowed number of seats.

II. General Provisions

(I) In order to meet the traveling demands of more passengers, Shenzhen Airlines may adopt appropriate overbooking methods for flights prone to have wasted seats, so as to guarantee that more passengers could take their ideal flight.

(II) In case that a flight was overbooked, Shenzhen Airlines would first seek the opinions of passengers volunteering to take a flight later or volunteering to cancel their trip. If the number of volunteers is insufficient, Shenzhen Airlines could refuse partial passengers to board.

(III) For passengers failed to travel as scheduled due to flight overbooking of Shenzhen Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines would arrange the passengers to take the flight with available seats as early as possible or refund for free, and at the same time give the passengers with compensation in certain forms.

(IV) Principles on Overbooked Passenger Protection

1. Try to reduce the number of overbooked passengers by allocating reasonably the passenger seats;

2. Reduce the number of involuntarily overbooked passengers by collecting passengers voluntarily giving up the flight (i.e. "volunteers"), and provide the volunteers with economic compensation and follow-up services;

3. In case that the number of volunteers is insufficient, the principles on priority boarding shall be as following:

(1) VVIP/VIP/company important passenger (CIP), and their entourages;

(2) Unaccompanied elder, unaccompanied children, special passengers like wheelchair passengers, stretcher passengers, etc. who have special service requirements which have been approved by Shenzhen Airlines, and for whom Shenzhen Airlines have made arrangements in advance;

(3) PhoenixMiles Platinum card members / PhoenixMiles Gold card members / other Star Alliance Gold card members

(4) Passengers of subsequent connecting international flights;

(5) Passengers who have booked a connecting flight and the transfer time is short;

(6) PhoenixMiles Silver card members / Star Alliance Silver card members;

(7) Ordinary members of Shenzhen Airlines;

(8) Passengers who could prove that they have any special difficulty and eager to travel;

(9) Team passengers