Special Baggage

1、ransportation of Small Animals

(I)Definition of small animals

Small animals shall refer to the family fed dogs, cats carried by passengers. The wild animals and any animal that has a strange body or easy to hurt people (like snack, wolfhound) shall not fall into this scope

(II) Application Time and Method

Passenger who want to transport any small animal is required to go to any ticket office directly under Shenzhen Airlines or call 95361 (service hotline of Shenzhen Airlines) to book ticket and submit the application for check-in of small animal. The ticket cannot be issued unless the application was approved, and the application time shall be 8:00 - 20:00.

(III) Quarantine Certificate

It is required to show a valid Animal Quarantine Conformity Certificate issued by Institute of Animal Health Supervision for check-in of any small animal.

(IV) Charging Standard

The weight of small animal, as well as its container and foods should not be included in the free baggage allowance, and the passenger should pay the freight fare as per the overweight baggage. (For each kilogram, 1.5% of the full economy-class ticket price will be charged)

(V) Check-in Procedure

1. Passenger is not allowed to bring his/her small animal into the passenger cabin, and must handle the check-in procedure.

2. Passenger should carry the small animal to the airport for handling check-in procedure no later than 120 minutes before flight departure time on the day of checking in.

3. Passenger must read and fill in the Notice and Application for Transport of Small Animals of Shenzhen Airlines Co., Ltd., and sign for confirmation (both for domestic and international flights).

4. Shenzhen Airlines would not accept the check-in of small animal with declared value.

(VI) Restrictions and Conditions for Transport of Small Animals

1. Each flight shall be allowed to carry with at most two containers with small animals.

2. At most three litter-mates below 6 months could be transported in a same container. Two small animals whose weight is below 14 kg respectively and who could coexist can be transported in a same container. For any small animal whose weight is over 14 kg should be transported in a separate container.

3. The total weight of each self-contained pet and pet container (including the foods and water in the pet container) should not exceed 32 kg (inclusive)

[Special prompt] Shenzhen Airlines shall have the right to refuse the check-in of any feral or dangerous animal. The passenger should take full responsibility for the small animal he/she checks in, and Shenzhen Airlines would not assume any liability for the disease, injury and death of small animal during transportation, unless it was caused by the reason of Shenzhen Airlines.

(VII) Package Requirements

1. Could prevent the small animal from destroying, escaping from and stretching any part of its body out of the container to hurt any person or damage any baggage, cargo or the aircraft.

2. Ensure that each animal in the container could have sufficient space, and could stand, turn round normally or lie in any natural position.

3. The air holes should be set respectively in the top 1/3 of the three walls except the door of the container, the minimum bore diameter shall be 25mm and the center distance between holes shall be 100mm. The total area of air holes should be at least 16% of the total areas of the four walls, and all openings should be able to prevent the nose or claws of any animal from stretch out. The roof of the container should be made with a whole piece of board, and the whole surface could be set with air hole(s) under the circumstance that the completeness and intensity of the roof could be guaranteed.

4. The container must be made of solid material, which could be fiberglass, metal, hard plastic (suitable for transporting most canines, and the large hard-plastic container should have at two security bars), welded fabrics, hard wood, plywood, etc. The container door should be designed at a side of the container and shall constitute a side of the container. It should adopt the slid chain or hinge form as the locking device of the door. Large door shall be fixed with additional hinges or two or three security bars, in order to guarantee the security.

5. It is recommended that the passenger should use the dedicated flight case for transporting animals, with the feature of light weight, pressure resistant, and for the model of such case please refer to the picture below:

6. The hardwares (including nuts, bars, rivets, locks, etc.) and retaining elements of the container must be complete and effective.

7. The bottom of the container shall be smooth and steady, and could be fixed on flat surface without slipping. The container with wheels should be equipped with wheel lock fixture, so that the wheels would not rotate, or the wheels should be taken off, in order to prevent the wheels from slipping during the transportation.

8. The four inter walls of the container should be solid and smooth, and should not have any protrusion which the animal could destroy the completeness of the container by grabbing and biting.

9. There shall be fixed handle or raised edge at two sides of the container, so that the personnel could carry normally in the sorting and handling processes.

10. The bottom board of the container should be made of a whole board and should be anti-leakage. In the bottom board, there should be a pallet with absorbent liner (e.g.: towel, blanket or white paper), so as to prevent the excreta of the small animal from overflowing and polluting other baggage. The absorbent liner could not be straw or any article with toxic substance.

11. For land living animals like cats, dogs and other pets, textile-rope (like cloth or linen) net cover should be added outside of the package container, so as to prevent the animals from escaping when the container is broken unexpectedly. The grid size of the net cover should prevent the animal's head from going through.

12. For animal needing to eat and drink, its container should be equipped with tableware, drinking apparatus or similar facilities, and the food should not spill on the floor. If the container is closed, the tableware and drinking apparatus should be placed in the container, it should be able to add water from the outside. If the container is not closed, the tableware and drinking apparatus could also be attached to the outside of the container for the use in case of any delay. The foods provided should not violate the laws of relevant countries.

13. For the container of any laboratory animal without any specific pathogen, it should be guaranteed that there is sufficient ventilation quantity when using the ventilation facilities with filtering function.

(VIII) Under the following circumstances, Shenzhen Airlines shall not provide the small animal check-in service

1. The consignor failed to complete the preparation for the flight transportation of the small animal(s), including failing to provide the complete and valid animal transport certificate, or the animal container failing to meet the requirements of the carrier.

2. The aircraft type is not suitable for transporting small animal. (E.g.: there isn't any cabin space for transporting small animal in the cargo cabin).

3. The passenger didn't accept the pet transport conditions or the requirements for pet container of Shenzhen Airlines, or refused to fill in the pet transport agreement.

4. It doesn't meet the special provisions of the State during special period of time. (E.g.: epidemic situation)

Warm Prompt: As different airports and different aircraft types have different standards for small animal check-in, the check-in of small animals should be subject to the actual handling on site. In case of any doubt, please consult any ticket office directly under Shenzhen Airlines, or call the customer service 95361.

II. Liquor Items

When taking a flight of Shenzhen Airline in China, you are not allowed to bring with yourself any liquor item, but you can transport such item as checked baggage. The package and capping of liquor item must be watertight and should not have any spillage. When transporting the liquor item as checked baggage, it should meet the following quantity provisions

(1) For liquor items with an alcohol volume percentage no more than 24%, there will be no restriction;

(2) For liquor items with an alcohol volume percentage between 24%-70% (including 70%), it should be contained in retail packaging, and the volume of the container shall not exceed 5L. What's more, the total net amount of each passenger shall not exceed 5L;

(3) For liquor items with an alcohol volume percentage above 70%, it should not be transported as checked baggage.

Note: The above are provisions of Shenzhen Airlines, and the security check standards of each airport may be slightly different, so we suggest that you should consult the local airport security unit before traveling.

III. Electric Wheelchair

(I) When electric wheelchair is transported as checked baggage, it will not be included in the free checked baggage allowance. If the passenger needs to use the wheelchair in the check-in process, the wheelchair could be handed over at the departure gate as approved by Shenzhen Airlines and the security unit.

(II) The electric wheelchair checked by the passenger should meet the relevant provisions on air transportation of dangerous goods, and the passenger should arrive at the airport no later than 120 minute before the scheduled flight departure time.

(III) During the transportation of electric wheelchair, its package should meet the following requirements:

1. For wheelchair with leak-proof batteries - ensure that the batteries would not be short-circuited, and would be installed securely in the wheelchair.

2. For wheelchair with non-leak-proof batteries - the batteries could not installed in the wheelchair, and should have a protective package. The package should have leak-proof function, so as to ensure that the batteries would not be short-circuited.

3. The package should be indicated as "BATTERY, WET, WHEELCHAIR” or “BATTERY, WET, WITH MOBILITY AID”. In addition, the package should be labeled with “CORROSIVE” and “UPWARD” .

IV. Charging Standards for Special Baggage

Charging Standards for Special Baggage of Shenzhen Airlines
Series No. Special baggage's name Whether to be included in the free baggage allowance Charges Restrictions
Weight concept for domestic transportation Piecework concept for international / regional transportation
Weight restrictions Charging standards
1 Assistance equipment (refer to manual / electric wheelchair, and only for passengers in need of a wheelchair), cremains, pushchair or cradle (only for infant passengers) No -- -- -- -- A piece for each passenger (two wheelchairs for athletes with any disability)
2 Golf equipment, skiing/water skiing equipment (excluding sleigh/water skis), bowling equipment, bicycle, roller skating/skateboard appliance, sleeping bag, knapsack, diving apparatus, archery equipment, hockey gear, camping appliances, parachute (including paraglider), tennis appliance, mountain-climbing,ear, fishing gear, musical instruments, assistance equipment (refer to the wheelchair checked by any healthy person), collapsible crib, pushchair or cradle Yes For the overweight part, the overweight baggage fees should be charged according to the actual weight. Can be included in the free checked baggage allowance, and for the overweight part, corresponding fees shall be charged with according to the corresponding standard in the List of Charging Standards for Overweight Baggage Adopting Piecework Concept of Shenzhen Airlines.
3 Kayak (dugout canoe), apparatus for hang gliding sports, sleigh/water skis No ≦23KG 2600 400 One piece each person
23KG<W≦32KG 3900 600 When the paddles are packaged together with the kayak (dugout canoe), they should be treated as one piece of baggage
4 Surfboard, apparatus for windsurfing, rubber dinghy or boat No ≦23KG 2600 400 One piece each person 
23KG<W≦32KG 3900 600 When the paddles are packaged together with the rubber dinghy or boat, they should be treated as one piece of baggage
32KG<W≦45KG 5200 800
5 Stay bar NO The overweight baggage fees should be charged according to the actual weight Each piece ≦23KG 1300 200
Each piece 23KG<W≦32KG 2600 400
Each piece 32KG<W≦45KG 3900 600
6 Javelin, separately packaged boating equipment or paddle, riding gear Each piece ≦23KG 1300 200
23KG<W≦32KG 2600 400
7 Media device (including instruments, electric appliance) Each piece ≦23KG 2600 400
23KG<W≦32KG 3900 600
32KG<W≦45KG 5200 800
8 Gun Each piece ≦23KG 1300 200
23KG<W≦32KG 2600 400
9 Bullet Each piece ≦5KG 1300 200 Limited to 5 kg each passenger, packaged separately
10 Family fed pet cats, pet dogs (excluding the dogs that are aggressive or easy to hurt people, like Tibetan Mastiff, bulldog) Each container ≦8KG 3900 600 he weight shall include the total weight of the small animal, its containers and foods
8KG<W≦23KG 5200 800
23KG<W≦32KG 7800 1200

1.For domestic transportation, the weight of each special baggage shall not exceed 45KG; for international transportation, the weight of each special baggage shall refer to the form mentioned above, and the special baggage exceeding 32KG but less than 45KG must meet the provisions of arrival airport and relevant carrier(s). The special baggage exceeding the above mentioned limitations must be transported as cargo.

2.For all routes, the total weight of checked small animal and its container and foods shall not exceed 32KG, otherwise it must be transported as cargo.