Warm Tips

For concerns about safety and service, Shenzhen Airlines would control the number of restricted passengers for each flight. Passenger must file an application to us in advance, and we could carry only after making corresponding arrangement.

For special passengers, if they file an application in advance, we would arrange dedicated service personnel at the airport to assist the passengers.

It is recommended that passengers should arrive at airport 120 minutes before flight departure and handle relevant procedures. If a passenger has filed an application for boarding as passenger in need of stretcher, in order not to delay his/her schedule, it is required that such passenger shall arrive at airport 3 hours before flight departure to handle relevant procedures.

If a passenger arrive at special passenger service counter less than 60 minutes before scheduled flight departure time, he/she may be late for boarding. In case of missing the flight, the passenger should handle by himself/herself the re-issuance procedures.

If it is required to open the checked baggage of a special passenger for inspection, such passenger should cooperate with the personnel and the airport security unit to complete the open-baggage inspection.

In order to better provide services to passengers, passengers applying for more special requirements are required to tell the ticketing personnel about their disability conditions, services required and requests for assistance when booking.

Delegation of disabled persons should file an application to a ticket office (excluding sales agent) as designated by Shenzhen Airlines 72 hours (including) in advance.

Travel preparation of elder passengers: elder passengers should make full preparation as possible as they can before traveling, such as leave sufficient time for handling the check-in procedure, get to know the specific itinerary of their journey, examine their physical health or consult to doctor for matters needing attention during traveling. For passenger suffering from chronic disease, please consult to doctor for whether he/she is suitable for traveling, and for the quantities and categories of drugs he/she needs to carry.