Passengers in need of Wheelchair

Warm prompt: all special passenger services should be applied for at the time of ticket purchasing.

I.Classification of passengers in need of wheelchair

Classification Definition Application time Application materials Remarks
Off-board wheelchair Refer to wheelchair provided to the passenger who can board and get off the plane by himself/herself, and can walk to his/her seat in the cabin, but needs assistance only between the terminal, apron and plane Must apply for at least 24 hours before flight departure No need to provide the proof of diagnosis stating that the passenger is suitable for flight No restriction on the number of application
Boarding wheelchair Refer to the wheelchair provided to the passenger who cannot board and get off the plane, but can walk to his/her seat in the cabin Should apply for at least 36 hours before flight departure time Should provide with the effective proof of diagnosis issued by a hospital above county and municipal level stating that he/she is suitable for flight. The proof of diagnosis must be issued within 96hours before the check-in time, and shall be effective only with the seal of examining hospital and signature of the doctor, as well as the words "suitable for flight before XX date". The total number should not exceed 2 passengers, and if there is a passenger in need of stretcher on board, only 1 boarding/on-board passenger in need of wheelchair is allowed.
On-board wheelchair Refer to the wheelchair provided to the passenger who has the permit on suitable for flight, and is completely unable to walk in the cabin and could only be seated with the assistance of others

II. Application Channel

Call the customer service hotline of Shenzhen Airlines or handle at the ticket office designated by Shenzhen Airlines.

III. Notes to Passengers

1. At present, Shenzhen Airlines only accept the off-board wheelchair passengers, and other types are not accepted.

2. If the passenger needs to bring himself/herself with wheelchair, the wheelchair should be checked in and calculated in the free baggage allowance.

3. The route with connecting flight service (i.e. transfer flight) doesn't accept the application of any passenger in need of wheelchair.