Passengers in Need of a Stretcher

Warm prompt: all special passenger services should be applied for at the time of ticket purchasing!

I. Application time

Please file a booking application 72 hours in advance. (E.g.: if, for now, it is 14:00, October 1, a passenger could apply for a flight after 14:00 on October 4).

II. Application Channel

The ticket office(s) as designated by Shenzhen Airlines for applying for special passenger service(s)

III. Materials for Application

The passenger is required to provide the proof of diagnosis and diagnosis results of such passenger issued by any medical unit approved by government above county and municipal level. The proof of diagnosis should be issued no earlier than 96 hours before the earliest check-in time, and shall be effective only with the seal of examining hospital and signature of the doctor, as well as the words "suitable for flight before XX date".

The passenger in severe condition should provide the "proof of diagnosis" within 48 hours before flight departure, and if the airlines consider it as necessary, it could ask the airport emergency center to conduct the on-site examination against the sick passenger to determine whether such passenger is suitable for flight.

IV. Charging Standard

A passenger in need of a stretcher must pay the full ticket prices of 12 economy-class seats, and should pay airport construction fee (i.e. the airport construction fee for one passenger). The fuel surcharges of a passenger in need of a stretcher should be collected according to the actual number of seats occupied (calculated by 12 seats), (the charging standard for child, infant should be consistent with the adult)

V. Notes to Passengers

1. For a passenger in need of a stretcher occupies 12 seats, so he/she could only be arranged in economy class cabin.

2. The free baggage allowance of a passenger in need of a stretcher shall be 60kg.

3. The route with connecting flight service (i.e. transfer flight) doesn't accept the application of any passenger in need of a stretcher.

4. A passenger in need of a stretcher must be accompanied by at least one doctor or nurse. In case that the patient doesn't need any medical care throughout the trip as proved by a doctor, such passenger could be accompanied by his/her family member or supervisor.

5. On the day of the flight, it is recommended that the passenger should arrive at airport 3 hours before flight departure with the "Proof of Diagnosis" and "On Board Application" for handling the relevant procedures. (For the specific requirements of proof materials, please consult the ticket office for handling the relevant procedures.)

6、If the passenger needs an ambulance, elevator, on-board stretcher and other special service equipment, please contact directly with the airport emergency center at his/her own expenses.