Injured/Ill Passengers

Patient passengers refer to any passenger suffering from disease and traveling by air with the proof of diagnosis issued by any prescribed medical unit stating that such passenger is suitable for flight.

I. Patient passenger must provide with the effective proof of diagnosis issued by a hospital above county and municipal level stating that he/she is suitable for flight when purchasing ticket and checking in. The proof of diagnosis must be issued within 96 hours before the check-in time, and shall be effective only with the seal of examining hospital and signature of the doctor, as well as the words "suitable for flight before XX date. If the field staff consider it as necessary based on reasonable judgment, they may ask the passenger to accept the examination of the airport emergency center, in order to determine whether such passenger is suitable for flight. Therefore, we hope to get the support and cooperation of passengers.

II. If the passenger could not provide any proof of diagnosis or refuse to cooperate with the airlines on the examination of airport emergency center, but urge to check in, the field staff would ask such passenger to fill in the "Risk Disclosure Confirmation". In case of any accident during the flight, the passenger would undertake the responsibilities by himself/herself.