Cabin Security

It is our responsibility to deliver passengers securely to their destinations. During your flight, we shall strictly follow each security stipulation, and put your flight security in the first place. Safe and comfortable cabin environment requires the joint efforts of you and us, and we hope you get to know the following before checking in and follow them:

(I) Safety Demonstration

We shall remind you in details the cabin security stipulations that need to be followed in the passenger address, or broadcast the security profile video, so as to guarantee your self-security during flight. Therefore, when our cabin crew performing the security demonstration, explaining the security stipulations or broadcasting the security profile video for passengers, please pay attention, cooperate with the cabin crew and follow the in-flight security stipulations throughout the trip.

(II) Disabling and Limitations of Electronic Devices

(1) From the time when the cabin doors are closed to the time when the cabin doors are open, all persons on board are forbidden to turn on and use the following electronic devices: mobile phone (including in flight mode), remote controlled toy and other electronic devices with remote controlled unit, as well as the radio transmission devices or equipment that would interfere the flight security as determined by civil aviation administration or Shenzhen Airlines. During the flight, if the captain discovers any electronic interference and suspects that such interference comes from the portable electronic device(s) used by any person on board, he/she shall be entitled to ask such person(s) to turn off the portable electronic device(s).

(2) When the plane is at a critical flight stage like taking off, climbing, descending, landing, etc., you should confirm that you have turned off all your electronic devices.

(III) All planes of Shenzhen Airlines are provided with "Safety Information Card" corresponding to the aircraft type and with graphic interpretation. These cards are placed in the pockets behind the seats in front of passengers, please read as early as possible after boarding.

(IV) Any passenger showing drunkenness or under the effect of narcotics will be forbidden to board. Meanwhile, we also hope you to avoid large-scale disturbance and out of control of order in the cabin and maintain the cabin order together with us in line with the principles of "promptly controlling the situation, avoiding contradictory intensification, controlling on board, handling off board".

(V) In order to guarantee the flight security, it is forbidden to smoke on flights of Shenzhen Airlines. Passengers are forbidden to destroy the on-board equipment, damage or break the smoke detector(s) in the toilet(s) of the plane.

(VI) In order to guarantee the security, passengers seated by the exits of the plane (exit seats: refer to the seat from which the passenger sitting on such seat could directly reach the exit without bypassing any barrier and the rows of seats that passengers must go through when arriving at the exit from the nearest aisle to the exit.) must be evaluated by crew, and adjusted as appropriate, so that such passengers could assist the crew in any emergency. There is provided with an "Exit Instructions Card" in the back pockets of the seats in front of each exit seat, and before the plane taking off, we will prompt passengers of exit seats to read such card for self-comparison.

(VII) In accordance with the documentation and regulatory requirements of Civil Aviation Administration of China, the cabin crew could carry out the cabin service procedure 20 minutes after taking off or from the time when the plane is in level flight status to 30 minutes before landing off; when the plane is at a critical flight stage like taxing, taking off, descending, landing, etc., the cabin crew could not carry out any work beyond security duties.