Notice about VAT Reclaim at the Heathrow Airport

Dear tourists:

Due to limited space in the check-in zone of the T2 terminal of the Heathrow Airport, tourists in need of VAT reclaim (tax refund policy for tax return items that are purchased at the designated overseas tax-refund counters and shipped to outbound destinations) always wait in a long queue, which also results in congestion in the check-in zone. To make your trip more convenient, please read carefully the following warm tips:

1. If you need to go through the VAT reclaim formalities at T2 of the Heathrow Airport, follow this process: VAT reclaim → check-in and bag-drop → refund (large amount refund should be carried out inside the quarantine zone);

2. Alternatively, you may visit 6 hours in advance to apply for VAT reclaim. When you arrive at the T2 tax reclaim zone, you may take your tax refund directly without queuing up.

3. For a group tourist, we suggest you to plan the tax reclaim formalities earlier, so as to save more time for check-in and shopping in the duty-free area.

Shenzhen Airlines wishes you a pleasant trip.

Heathrow Airport & Shenzhen Airlines