Passenger Boarding Notice

Dear passengers,

As regulated by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (in the "Advice on Strengthening Cabin Public Order Management" and the "Advice on Providing Better Customer Complaint and Report Service"), to ensure safety and security in the cabin is one of the main responsibilities of the cabin crew. In the event where a passenger disrupts the public order in the cabin by causing damage to the facilities on board, smoking, occupying other passengers' seats or unreasonable room on the luggage rack, using electronic devices against regulations, or interfering with the attendants' service, the crew shall put safety and security first and dissuade the passenger; and if the passenger causes further disturbance by refusing to cooperate, the crew will work with external authorities, including the Airport Police, to take further actions. Shenzhen Airlines Customer Service Center does not accept complaints related to cabin security management measures.

For you and other passengers to enjoy a safe and pleasant journey, please cooperate with the cabin crew to maintain a fine public order onboard. Thank you!