Corporate Culture

I. Culture totem: National Roc

Once a roc take off with wind, it will fly high above the sky

II. Core concept

1. Missions

We are determined to become the world's most respected and most valuable airline, promoting China's aviation service to be the first choice in the world

We are due to be the world's most respected and most valuable airline via comprehensive innovation and continuous improvement.

As a player of China's civil aviation industry, we are still responsible to promote the development of the entire national aviation with our own efforts, making China's aviation a leader worldwide.

2、 Visions

Leader of Featured Airlines

We will display our individuality via features, with the ideal of becoming a promoter and leader of featured airlines in the world.

3、 Spirit

Struggling: Struggle to Compete

Enthusiastic: Enthusiastic for Starting Business

Enterprising: Enterprising for Sustained Development

Innovative: Innovating to Create Features

Responsible: Responsible for Enterprise Operation

4、 Values system

We advocate promoting the continuous progress of Shenzhen Airlines through continuous improvement. Because we deeply believe that there is not the best, only better

The team is the guarantee for our continuous improvement, the fundamental element of Shenzhen Airlines, and the cornerstone for gathering staff and promoting the continuous development of Shenzhen Airlines.

The respect for employees, customers, and the public is the power source of continuous improvement of Shenzhen Airlines, while the harmonious development of Shenzhen Airlines needs recognition, trust and support from all aspects.

III. Operating Rules

1. Market rule: The quality today determines the market tomorrow

2. Strategy rule: Don't compete for rankings, but only create features

3. Service rule: Feel easy and considerate at anytime with Shenzhen Airlines

4. Safety rule: Eternal safety starts from zero

IV. Management Rules

1. Process rule: predigested, progressive and precise

2. Organization rule: integral, cooperative, practical and efficient

3. Team rule: coordinative, sharing, inclusive and personalized

4. Communication rule: Non-boundary, non-limitless and non-barrier communication

5. Talent rule: Four Virtues of Talent (Intelligence, Integrity, Benevolence and Bravery)

Intelligence: Take a broad and long-term view for continuous innovation

Integrity: Keep promises and take responsibility

Benevolence: Be rigorous with oneself but lenient with others

Bravery: Be so brave that never say die

6. Performance rule: Value performance and cherish ability

Take Shenzhen Airlines' employees with good performance as our pride

Show Shenzhen Airlines' employees with profound abilities as our images

7. Learning rule: Innovation roots in learning.

Learning is the source of innovation, so we believe in comprehensive continuous learning. Learn from customers, peers and colleagues...

V. Images

1. Corporate Image:

Share with employees to build a corporation loved by employees

Experience with customers to build a corporation praised by customers

Progress with society to build a corporation trusted by society

2. Employee Image:

Responsible, passionate, capable and dignified

Responsible: Keep promise with actions

Passionate: Take actions by heart

Capable: Take actions professionally

Dignified: Take actions for good

3. Our Style:

Lead by example, vigorous and resolute

4. Slogan:

Feel easy and considerate at anytime with Shenzhen Airlines