Terms of Use

The online booking system of Shenzhen Airlines Co., Ltd. www.shenzhenair.com (hereinafter referred to as "the booking system") is owned and operated by Shenzhen Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Airlines"). Only under the circumstance that the users accept unconditionally all terms of use listed here, shall this booking system be available to users. When a user used the booking system to book ticket(s), it shall mean that such user agreed these terms of use and other relevant provisions, conditions and notices. If these stipulations are inconsistent with the user's assumption, or the user disagrees the terms of use, please don't use the booking system.         

The information in the booking system may be subject to change without further notice. Shenzhen Airlines would not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the booking system or any data and information it contains.

Risk Warning

Please notice that the use of any service on this website shall indicate that the user is fully aware of the following risks, and willing to assume by himself/herself all economic losses incurred therefrom:         

As the e-commerce environment in China is not mature enough, its e-commerce legislation and credit system are not perfect, Shenzhen Airlines as a marketing carrier would face with certain risks when conducting e-commerce business. E.g.: the vicious incidents like some lawbreakers embezzle other's bank card for illegal activity on the Internet may cause direct economic losses to users. When discovering any potential risky trade, Shenzhen Airlines will confirm the information of each risk trade with the user in written form, including the amount, trading time, source of risk report (bank, public security department, consumer), etc. The user and Shenzhen Airlines should cooperate with the public security department, the bank, consumer and other stakeholder for investigation and disposal, so as to safeguard the interests of the user as far as possible.

 Limitations on Personal and Noncommercial Use

The booking system is only for personal and noncommercial use. Any user should not modify, duplicate, distribute, deliver, demonstrate, implement, reproduce, publish, permit other to use, create any derivative, transfer or sell any information, software, product or service obtained from the booking system.

The Use of Shenzhen Airlines' Online Booking System www.shenzhenair.COM

  The booking system is only used to help users to make a decision on choosing products and services related to traveling, and help users and their accompanying persons to book or purchase tickets. The misuse of such system will result in the user being refused to log in.         

When purchasing or booking any product and service related to traveling, the user should follow some other terms and conditions, and should follow the terms and conditions related to purchase, including payment of due accounts at full, as well as following other rules and restrictive provisions related to payment for tickets, products and services. The user should only bear all charges, expenses, tariffs and taxes, as well as expenses incurred by entering the online booking system.         

When using the booking system, the booking made by users must be legal.

 Booking Rules

Each user could book tickets for 7 passengers every time.         

The infant tickets (less than 2 years old when traveling) could not be booked via the online booking system. The children tickets (between 2 to 12 years old when traveling) must be booked together with adult tickets.         

The booking should be made according to the relevant ticket price and the vacancy of seat in the ticket price calculation group.         

You can choose one or several booking methods shown as below according to your itinerary and pre-order time: E-ticketing, mail booking, ticket collecting at the airport, ticket collecting at an urban office; if the user chose to collect his/her ticket at the airport, but failed to collect before the flight stopping receiving any passenger, the payment for ticket of such user would be automatically disposed as refunding after deducting certain refunding service fees.         

When booking a ticket, the user must make prepayments. The payment for ticket and taxes must be made in the currency as specified in the coupon. Visa card, MasterCard, American Express Card, etc. can also be used for payment. However, these credit cards are not applicable to all departing countries.         

If adopting e-ticketing, the user must show the credit card and passport for e-ticketing when checking in. If choosing to collect ticket at an urban office or the airport, the user must show the credit card for booking when collecting ticket.         

If choosing to collect ticket at an urban office, the person entrusted by the user could collect ticket for the user after showing the copies of the both sides of the credit card for ticket purchasing, and the letter of authorization of the credit card holder.         

If choosing to book via mail, the user must ensure that there is sufficient time for sending the ticket from the booking date to the first flight date. If the user didn't receive the ticket within 7 days after booking, he/she could inquire at the local office of Shenzhen Airlines Co., Ltd. When checking in at the departing airport of the user's itinerary, the user must show the credit card for ticket purchasing as a confirmation. The credit card holder must be the traveling party.         

The carriage and other services provided by Shenzhen Airlines should follow the contract conditions, notifications and general conditions for carriage of Shenzhen Airlines. When booking via the booking system, the user should be subject to the contract conditions, notifications and general conditions for carriage of Shenzhen Airlines. These files could be obtained from the website.

Traveling Requirements

 When traveling to some places, the user needs a visa, and it is the responsibility of the user to obtain the visa. The passport of the user must maintain effective during traveling, and its expiring date should be accepted by the countries that the user will travel through. More information on passport and visa could be obtained from the embassy of the country where the passenger will travel or from the local office of Shenzhen Airlines.         

The ticket price shall not include the airport taxes and passenger taxes that should be paid by the passenger. The relevant amount may be listed together with the ticket price, and included in the total amount.         

Some airport would charge some passenger service fees, which should be paid by the passengers at the airport. Information on these expenses are not reflected on the website.         

Those taxes, expenses, passenger service fees that have been included in the payment for ticket and charged at the time of ticket issuance could be returned to the user under the circumstance that the ticket has not been used. The user could get his/her refund at the local office of Shenzhen Airlines.

No Illegal or Prohibited Use

 The users could not use this website for any illegal purpose or any purpose prohibited by the terms of use. The users could not conduct any speculative, false or fraudulent booking via the online booking system of Shenzhen Airlines.         

The users could not:         

(a) resell any service provided by the online booking system of Shenzhen Airlines;         

(b) conduct any illegal activity with the online booking system of Shenzhen Airlines;         

(c) intrude upon other users when using the online booking system of Shenzhen Airline;         

(d) trade or obtain relevant information by other means when being unable to use the online booking system of Shenzhen Airlines.

Age and Responsibilities

 The users should guarantee that he/she has reach the lawful age that can use the booking system according to the terms of use, and that could assume any liability by himself/herself caused in the process of using this website. The user will bear the economic costs on using the website by himself/herself and other persons using the user's login information. The user will supervise all behaviors of using the booking system with the user's name and account. The user must ensure that the information provided by the user or his/her family members is true and accurate when using the booking system.

Cancellation and Suspension of Service

When suspecting that the booking system or the user ID of a user is being used or may be used under the following circumstances, Shenzhen Airlines could cancel or suspend the use of its online booking system by the user at any time without any prior notice:         

(a) used by any person without the authorization of the user;         

(b) violated the terms of use;         

(c) used in a manner that may cause certain damage to the user or Shenzhen Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines shall have the right to terminate or restrict the user to enter its online booking system at any time according its own judgment and without any explanation or prior notice, or to refuse any reservation made by the user without any explanation or notice.


Shenzhen Airlines will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the information the user transmitted to it via its online booking system is in secrecy, and to prevent such information from any unauthorized access. However, Shenzhen Airlines would neither provide any guarantee to prevent any unauthorized access, nor bear any liability for the access and acquiring of such information by any means.