Pay to select your seat, then sit back and enjoy your trip

You might complain that you can’t see the beautiful view outside
because you’re sitting too far from the window.
I’ll be at your side for every journey
and deal with every travel detail.
Pre-paid seats ensure you can select your favorite seat in advance!

Applicable routes: Shenzhen Airlines flight (starting with ticket number 479)
19 flights departing from Shenzhen on 12 routes

Route Flight number
Shenzhen - Taipei ZH9071、ZH9073
Shenzhen - Hanoi ZH9087
Shenzhen - Manila ZH9011
Shenzhen - Phnom Penh ZH9045、ZH9049
Shenzhen - Bangkok ZH9001、ZH9003、ZH9019
Shenzhen - Singapore ZH9021、ZH9023
Shenzhen - Kuala Lumpur ZH9029
Shenzhen - Phuket ZH9015
Shenzhen - Jakarta ZH9047
Shenzhen - Seoul ZH9031、ZH9033、ZH9037
Shenzhen - Tokyo ZH9051
Shenzhen - Osaka ZH9059

Selectable seats with prices starting from 0 yuan

Seat Locations Platinum and Gold Card Members Others
Economy Class rows 2-4 window and aisle seats Free of charge 100 CNY

P.S.: Available seat selection is subject to availability on the website

Easily select your seat, then sit back and enjoy

Check if seat selection is available on your flight
Click to visit the official website (https://global.shenzhenair.com/) and go to the home page
Select “Seat selection check-in (选座值机)” and follow the instructions.
Complete ticketing and payment.
You’re now on your way to a relaxing journey!

Be sure to read and abide by the following

⋅ No transfers and no rescheduling allowed
⋅ Refunds: refunds cannot be processed if later than 48 hours before the flight; free of charge if requested more than 48 hours before the flight
⋅ If a passenger cannot be in selected seat due to changes in the flight (including plane change, flight cancellations, etc.), they can apply for a refund without extra charge.
⋅ Seat selection is service provided only for convenience. Passenger are still required to check in at the airport counter in a timely manner.
⋅ Seat selection is temporarily unavailable for adults traveling with infants, children, transfer/interline passengers, groups, pregnant women, and passenger with special needs such as wheelchairs or military disabilities.
⋅ If you need an invoice, please call customer service at 95361 within 30 days after the flight.

The spring breeze is lovely and the sun is just right.
Let Shenzhen Airlines continue to show you the world’s beauty and create more happy memories for your trip!