Online Check-in Agreement and Notes on Carrying Dangerous Goods by Passengers

In order to provide all passengers with more convenient and better services, Shenzhen Airlines Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Airlines") has launched the new business, i.e. online check in service. Before handling online check-in formalities, please read carefully the following terms of service. You could not proceed unless you unconditionally accept all terms of service below:

1. Passenger having purchased the electronic ticket of Shenzhen Airlines should open the function of handling online check-in formality, and the name and ID number used for check-in must be identical to those for purchasing electronic ticket.      

2. Applicable to the adult passenger having purchased a non-connection and non-endorsed electronic ticket for a fixed flight with Shenzhen Airlines, and meanwhile Shenzhen Airlines serves as the actual carrier while the electronic ticket is purchased via Shenzhen Airlines' E-commerce platform (, WAP website (, mobile phone apps, 95361 hotline, direct sales network and agent network of Shenzhen Airlines.      

3. The routes that online check-in service is applicable to shall be subject to the online publication.      

4. Online check-in service shall not be applicable to special passengers, including infant, child, pregnant woman, wheelchair passengers, disabled servicemen, etc.      

5. Online check-in service shall not be applicable to any adult passenger with infant(s).      

6. Online check-in service shall not be applicable to passengers taking connection flight, group passengers, passengers boarding in another city, passengers with endorsed flight and passengers with unconfirmed flight.      

7. Passengers handling the check-in formality online should print the boarding pass with A4 paper (laser printer is recommended).      

8. Online check-in closing time shall be 90 minutes before scheduled departure.      

9. Please handle the online check-in service via the official channel of Shenzhen Airlines, and if you use handle the check-in formality by using any other unauthorized third-party service, Shenzhen Airlines may not be able to guarantee your subsequent services.      

10. If you need to apply for any special service (including VIP passengers, patients passengers, disabled passengers, revolutionary disabled servicemen and policemen, pregnant women, unaccompanied elders and children, etc.), please handle the check-in formality directly at Shenzhen Airlines check-in counter, and Shenzhen Airlines online check-in service would not accept the online check-in application of the above mentioned special passengers at the moment.      

11. Online baggage check is not available, and passengers needing to check their baggage should handle such formality before the check-in is closed (the check-in closing time shall be subject to the announcement of the local airport. For details please call 95361).      

12. Baggage specifications that a passenger can carry: each passenger could carry one piece of carry-on baggage (two for the first-class passenger), and each piece should not exceed 20×40×55 cm in volume and 5 kg in weight.      

13. Baggage containing any alcoholic drink, knife, tool, etc. must be registered.      

14. The boarding gate may be subject to change, please check the flight information display or inquire of Shenzhen Airlines information desk staff to confirm your boarding gate.      

15. In case that your flight is canceled or consolidated due to any special circumstance, your seat number may be changed. Please follow the staff instructions.      

16. Check-in can be canceled only for one time, and please handle at the airport check-in counter if needing to cancel online check-in once again. In addition, the document type selected when canceling the check-in should be identical to the one for handling the check-in formality.      

17. If you need to reissue or refund your ticket, please first cancel your check-in, and you can cancel by logging in Shenzhen Airlines’ system 90 minutes before departure, or cancel at airport check-in counter within 90 minutes before departure; if you didn't board, the system shall automatically cancel the seat 90 minutes after departure; for more questions, please contact the staff by calling 95361.      

18. If a passenger having handled the online check-in formality didn't board, Shenzhen Airlines would change or refund the passenger's ticket according to its Customer Service Guide.      

△ Other instructions      

1. Passengers must strictly follow the stipulations of the competent authorities of the government on the valid documents/credentials for boarding the civil flights, so as to guarantee the legality and validity of their documents/credentials. In case of any consequence caused by discrepancy between the document/credential and the passenger's name or invalidity of passenger's document/credential, etc., the passenger shall be liable.      

2. In case that any person pretends to be the passenger to handle the check-in formality, Shenzhen Airlines will hand such person over to the public security organ.      

3. Passengers are not allowed to pack flammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic, radioactive, polymerizable, and magnetic substances and other dangerous goods that are prohibited from being transported as listed in the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and in the Dangerous Goods Regulations published by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) into their checked luggage or carry-on bags, and shall comply with the relevant rules of Shenzhen Airlines on dangerous goods transportation.

4. Dangerous goods carried by passengers or crew. (click to view).      

The final interpretation right of this statement shall be owned by Shenzhen Airlines Company Limited.